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Re: Evolution with mapi plugin?

On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 20:20 -0700, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> And apparently, neither has the attitudes of the "why do I need to
> send HTML messages" crowd.

Nor those of the "I shall define what you see" crowd...

>From time to time I receive a, shall we say, "formatted" message.  Which
either the author first started producing bad desktop publishing
newsletters, and never progressed (the typist equivalent of gouging out
your message with crayons), or just doesn't understand that all
computers are not the same (weird colours, unreadable font decisions,
strange fonts that get replaced by wildly inappropriate non-equivalents,
unreal paper sizes, margins past the edges of paper, etc., abound.

Even when a MSOE user receives a message from another MSOE user, there's
still no guarantee that it'll display well.  And the problems just
compound when there's different mail clients used between sender and

There's a very practical aspect to using deliberately basic HTML—define
the contents of the contents, and let the viewer display it well.
Though, unfortunately, even that fails, when you have typists who can't
tell the difference between a paragraph and a list, typists who make
each line of text its own paragraph, editors which code HTML badly, and
email that makes it even worse (e.g. why the hell is there an empty
table inserted in the middle of that email, etc.).

I think more effort in good display of received messages is warranted
before we get into composing.  And then, something other than HTML does
a better job at presenting a preformatted message in the way the author
hoped.  PDF is designed for such things, HTML is designed *not* to be.
Even HTML + CSS is not designed to give DTP-like rendering control.

But I think you're arguing with the wrong crowd.  Evolution is an
external project, it's just *used* here.  You need to argue upstream
about improving it, or provide the improvements.

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read messages from the public lists.

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