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RE: Comcast permanent block on port 25

as i said...

check your Terms/Conditions of your ISP. you guys who think that anything
that you want to do, and your ISP won't let you is somehow violating your
rights are laughable.

your ISP is running a biz, with rules. I can go in a store and demand to buy
a turkey for the price I want. I can't go tell the Best Buy, to give me the
TV, for the price I want. you can't force the ISP to give you the service
you want, with the bells/whistles you want, for the price you want.

you're more than welcome to attempt to raise the funds to start your own

the term "individaul freedom" has been co-opted by way too many

I sell the ISP services... I have the contractual rights to sell from
whatever org I had to negotiate with.. I get to do whatever I damn well
choose, as long as it's legal.

people complain/bitch about the way things are way too often. if you don't
like it, change it, compete with them, sue them.. or just try to work your
way around the rules, and hope you don't get caught.

welcome to the real world.

your 'rights' aren't being stepped on because your ISP won't allow you to do
what you want.

boo hoo to you!


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On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 11:12:05 -0800,
  bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
> what the heck are you talking about.. individual freedoms!!!!

It is related to individual freedoms. Real internet access allows you to
communicate freely with others (at least those that want to hear you).
Blocking ports and the like is part of the process of turning the internet
into TV.

> check your T&C from your ISP. I'm willing to bet it's clearly spelled
> maybe deep in the docs what you can/can't do regards the network.

It might also allow you to opt out of this feature. Some ISPs do this by
default to keep people who don't need this from having their connection

> i've frequently run services ssh/vpn/http/smtp/etc... over the network,
> knowing full well that i might be going against their service docs...

You know, if some company is selling "internet" access they shouldn't be
blocking ports, putting in hidden proxies or similar crap. If there are,
they should be selling web access instead.

> i've also known that i could get the biz level system to be able to
> run these services. sometimes, i haven't had the cash, others not the time
> to setup the biz accounts...

Worst case it's breach of contract. Violating a TOS isn't illegal in itself.

> but don't confuse your running a service with somekind of "individual
> freedom" thing...

It wouldn't be a big deal if there was real competition in the ISP
business. But because there isn't and in some areas of the US, you can't
get real internet access without paying exhorbitant fees. (Essentially
making you buy an unneeded level of support that is normally or required
by businesses.)

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