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Re: OT: Comcast permanent block on port 25

fred smith wrote:
On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 11:49:05AM -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
On Friday 19 December 2008 11:17:10 am Phil Meyer wrote:
Comcast, in their infinite wisdom, has begun to block all inbound port
25 connections at my location.
AFAIK at least in the area i'm in they have always blocked port 25. While it sucks its certainly common practice amongst ISP's all over the world.


FWIW, and you may not have this choice, in my area (outside Boston) we
have choices of carriers (varies from community to community). We can
choose Comcast, Verizon (FIOS), or RCN.  I have RCN, and they do not
(yet) block port 25.

RCN does selective blocking of port 25. They allow port 25 traffic inbound to your computers, but all outgoing port 25 traffic must be routed RCN's mail gateway. Its not a bad price to pay, but it was inconvenient when they started it.

I'm pretty sure you can get around all of this is you upgrade to a "business" account. You may have to pay for it though.

RCN also offers phone and internet packages, i.e., NO TV for those of us
who are weird enough to want such a thing. Comcast doesn't even know how
to talk to you if you don't want TV...

Not entirely true, they offered a 6MB service to my daughter in Attleborough for $60 a month plus installation (her apartment building has a choice between Comcast or the owner's satellite package). Much more expensive than the Verizon DSL plan at half that price.

Do you have a static IP address? If not, how do you get mail into your
server? I th ink the DYNDNS folks may have a service whereby if you park
your domain with them (or use an address in one of their domains) they can forward mail to you on an alternate port, so you may find such an
option as that to work around Comcast's stupid rules.

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us
Registered Linux User #1232 (http://counter.li.org)

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