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Re: OT: Comcast permanent block on port 25

Yea, I got caught up in this too.

Ive used the same email address (to my own domain) forever, so its on every 
imaginable.  Comcast would accuse me of spamming even tho the From addresses 
showed the email coming from a machine some place in russia.   Sigh.

So they would cut off my port 25 and twice, after a week of finding the right 
to talk to, It would get turned back on.  Luckily, with my DNS entries, I 
didnt loose
any mail, it just stacked up at my ISP (separate from Comcast).

IN ANY CASE, when I subscribed to Comcast (or rather when Comcast took over 
whoever had the service before) for a home account you had to subscribe to at
least minimal CableTV to get the internet service.  I dont know if that's 
still true.

BUT the Minimal CableTV + Internet charge is just a couple three dollars less 
the lower cost Business account where they dont bug you about port 25, so I 
that way.  

So far so good...
                                        reg dwf com

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