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libgtkhtml3 bug??

I'm trying to compile gnomesword. During compilation I gett his error:

*** No rule to make target `/Editor.idl', needed by `Editor-common.c'.  Stop.

So, looking around I find that there in fact IS NO Editor.idl.

further looking around, I find that my Centos 5 box has one, and it comes
from the package gtkhtml3-3.16.3-1.el5. 

On the F10 system, looking at the file list for
gtkhtml3-3.24.2-1.fc10.i386 I find that there is no such file in the

Is this a packaging bug, or is it supposed to be in some other
package? (or is there some kind of magic involved here to which I'm not
privy? :))

I'm open to (reasonable) suggestions.

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