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Re: serial port too fast for Core Duo?

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:
> I have an oscilloscope with a 19200 bps serial port on it. It works fine
> with my old Windows 2000 computer.
> But it will not work with the on-board serial port on my shiny new HP
> DC7900 with Fedora 10! 19200 bps is too fast, and the data is always
> (slightly) corrupted, regardless of what sort of flow control is used.
> Using a USB-to-RS232 dongle works, presumably because the dongle has a
> larger buffer than the normal 16 byte UART.
> Can linux really not handle a 19200 serial port transmission, without
> resorting to obscure IRQ re-prioritization hacks?
> - Mike
What does setserial say about the serial port? (You will probably
have to install it...) Make sure it is using the same IRQ as set by
the BIOS, and is showing as a 16550 or better UART. It is supposed
to  turn on the FIFO on the UART as well. There is also the
"low_latency" option, but that should not be needed to 19200 baud.


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