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Re: OT: Comcast permanent block on port 25

They are trying to block spam.
This is same for ATT DSL several years ago. At least ATT gave us an option to opt out of this via a form on their website. Check with Comcast if they have that option. You can use port 587 as an alternate port for receiving receiving mail so check with your MTA to see if you can change from port 25 to 587 or use both port 25 and port 587 at the same time. I have both port 25 & 587 on my mail server just because some ISP block port 25 and my colleagues send mail from various locations and they have no control over the network.

Here are some links regarding port 587:


Comcast, in their infinite wisdom, has begun to block all inbound port 25 connections at my location.

I collect several mailing lists at my home domain which I have maintained for many years.

Plus, it has always been nice to have an email box that I could run my own spam filters on.

Because MicroSoft has created such a huge mess with spambots and the like, I have lost another privilege that not long ago was assumed, and now falls into a business only category.

I do not blame the consumers who are duped into buying computers with a pre-installed OS.

It is so VERY annoying that step by step, we lose individual freedoms because of corporate greed and incompetence.

Its somewhat like being in jail for something you did not do. Or so it seems to me.

Sorry for the rant.

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