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"Free Public Wifi", and me being snoopy

A new wireless signal showed up on Network Manager on my Fedora 10 laptop
yesterday named "Free Public Wifi".

As there has never, to my knowledge, been any announcement of anyone providing
free public wifi in Melville, I became quite curious about this and attempted
to connect to it.

However, while Network Manager connects with this signal it never actually
completes the process and lets me in.

"Free Public Wifi" appears to be something other than just a standard
"home-style" wireless router because the signal strength is a lot more even and
higher than anything else I get in my theatre other than my own wireless
router, so whatever it is has fair amount of power behind it.

Network Manager shows me an icon beside "Free Public Wifi" that I've never seen
before and I'm thinking that it might be a clue to what this is and how one can
connect to it.  I put the icon on my website here:


Can anyone tell me what that means, and what I might need to do to connect to
it?  So far the only steps I've ever needed to connect to any wireless routers
that I've set up myself  were to click on the signal listing and enter the
password, and I've never actually tried to connect to anything else before.

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