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Re: Deactivating password request after screen lock

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 10:39:54 -0500, Weiner, Michael wrote:

> I have an unusual request from a user that I support, who would like me
> to deactivate (or disable) the password request that occurs after the
> screen is locked in an X session. He runs KDE and when the session is
> inactive, it locks the screen (as normal). And when he returns he finds
> it annoying to be asked for his password in order to unlock the screen.
> After a short period of explaining why this was a security FEATURE of
> the system, he still insists on having me do this. I have googled for
> some time and have come up empty handed and was wondering if ANYONE on
> this list had ever done this and how.

> Thanks in advance for any assistance

	First off, any damn webgibberish in email is *evil* (as well as a 
gross violation of netiquette, as you should know; on lists it's in 
general, it's worse; and on this one it's verboten. 


	Just this once, however, if repeat *if* you mean what it sounds 
like, it's easy.

	The names differ slightly from release to release; in F9, F10, 
and other recent ones, you simply click Main Menu > System > Preferences 
> Look and Feel > Screensaver. (There are two. To be safe, do both.) In 
the bottom left corner, make sure Lock Screen After is *not* checked. 
This usually fixes it.

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck
Not Quite Clueless Linux Power User
I have precious (very precious!) 
little idea where up is.

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