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What's with Nautilus Browsers and remote mounts?

I am using F9.

I have noted, that for some reason, having local Nautilus
browsers and one (or more) remote Nautilus browsers
can cause problems.

For example, I have several local browsers opened, then
occasionally I would have one or more remote NTFS mounts
with remote browsers with each of them.  What I am seeing
here, is that if I press the back or up icon buttons (on Nautilus)
remote, I will get a hang.  Sometimes I can hit the red cancel
button but if I try to click the back/up button it will hang indefinitely
causing *all* browsers to hang - indefinitely.

Other times, if for example, that the remote mounts servers
are busy, I can wait awhile, and the connection will complete
and release all the other browsers for use - but one can never
tell if it would be successful - and waste time sitting on their

I wonder - as a design issue - why the threads of all opened
browsers should be tied together (at some common point) and not
operate as independent threads so that if one should terminate
(if that is possible) the specific hanging browser window, the
other browsers should not affected?

I cause remote browser hangs almost every time, if I very quickly
try to hit the back/up/... buttons on remote browsers so I tend to
go very slowly with each step trying to avoid hanging browsers
and other times - it does not matter how slowly I go, a single click
will cause a hang.  The point is, it is inconsistent.

I have had this problem for quite awhile and it gets downright
annoying, because I would have to restore all the browsers I
had previously opened. Seems I will have to "walk on eggshells"
as to my operations on the remote browser, lest it will hang all
over again.

I have a fast Intel DQ35JO motherboard with 2GB (800) RAM
installed and 1TB SATA drives - so it's pretty fast IMHO and the
remote machine that I was hanging on is also a fast motherboard
with Dual Core2 and 2GB RAM - however - it is a busy system
so it may be busy doing things before serving remote mounted
requests - speculation on my part - but that is what it appears to me.


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