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Re: Text rendering in FX3

"Marcelo Magno T. Sales" <mmtsales gmail com> writes:

> Hi, people
> Some sites I visit are displayed with text rendering problems when I see 
> them in FX3 on F10. However, FX3 on Windows displays them correctly. 
> I've setup fonts in the Linux version exactly the same as they are in 
> Windows.
> Most common problems is text being truncated, or text that should be 
> displayed in one line being broken in two lines, sometimes with the 
> second line being truncated, sometimes with it overwriting other text.
> Besides font configuration, what else may be causing this problems?
> Thanks,
> Marcelo

I suspect that is has to do with some interaction between Gecko, Cairo
and Pango. There are many posts in various fora discussing both font
rendering and page layout problems with FF under Linux.

One of my favorite "broken" web sites using FF on Linux is


The entire navigation column that is supposed to be on the left hand
side of the page is in fact centered, resulting in the primary page
content being pushed down to below the navigation column.

If you want to help (though the above should be a well known example),
in FF using the menus, go to:

  Help -> Report Broken Web Site...

and submit a report. 


Marc Schwartz

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