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Re: "Free Public Wifi", and me being snoopy

Frank Cox wrote:
On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 13:13:54 -0600
Les Mikesell wrote:

You see those all over the place and can tell from the 'ad hoc' mode that it is another computer instead of a real access point. I always thought it was a scam trying to steal passwords or something, but I guess it's just another case of Microsoft stupidity:


Interesting.  This is, as you can see, the first time I've seen this but on the
other hand I'm not in a location where that sort of thing would be common.

I'm pleased that the mystery is solved.  I take it that the two computer icon
means "ad hoc mode".  So I've learned two new things today.

I have been at conferences where warnings have been posted NOT to connect to this SSID, as there are systems that take advantage of this behaviour to attack those that attach to them.

Remove this SSID from your system and ingore it at all future times.

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