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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Ed Greshko <Ed.Greshko <at> greshko.com> writes:

> Woopie....
> I hope you realized this type of "poll" is totally unscientific and
> meaningless.

Unscientific and meaningless? How so? I bet you didn't even read the poll.

I kept my personal opinion out of my poll question and my post. Neutral and fair
descriptions are given to each of the modes. The illustrative screenshots are
not biased: in fact, I deliberately didn't use a deeply nested directory to show
that Spatial mode makes a mess with millions of windows! 

Although not all Fedora users are affiliated with Fedora Forum, a wide range, if
not all of Fedora users are represented in FF. This is evident from the range of
questions asked in the forum: ranging from "Linux newb *Fedora 10 install
problem*" to problems with chkrootkit. I believe that Fedora Forum is the place
to ask the question, and the answer will be representative of the wider Fedora
community. (which favours change, 20 for and 1 against at the moment)

And BTW, why hasn't any opponent to change addressed these good points?
*That most new Fedora users migrated from Windows, which shows folders like a
browser. To help them adjust, avoid confusion and therefore increasing the
chance of them stay using Fedora, isn't it better to give them by default
familiar interface and ways of doing things?
*That spatial mode leaves behind tons of windows, inconvenient for users. And I
know you can use Shift-Doubleclick or simply change it browser mode, but why on
earth would most of Fedora users have to suffer this inconvenience simply
because the powers that be happened to like it?
*That the only supposed advantage is that it mimics real life, therefore more
intuitive. Hell, it's annoying to open a packet within a packet within a packet
on a real life desktop, where a pile of rubbish is left on it,so why repeat that
in the virtual world? Here's a video that illustrates my point - I'm using it
out of context, but


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