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Re: Lets test the h@!! out of KDE4.2 before it releases...

>> Often, you really don't have much of a choice of what graphics hardware
>> to pick from.  Before I bought my laptop, I spent ages researching what
>> I could buy locally.  My choices were NVidia, ATI, and some Intel
>> chipset that I couldn't see listed as being supported.

Kevin Kofler:
> Chances are it actually would have been. Only the GMA500 now used in some
> netbooks is not supported (it's licensed from a third party), all the
> Intel-produced GMA stuff is.
> Some ATI Radeons are also supported

I don't recall what the specific chipsets are, now.  It was about a year
or so ago.  But I don't spend a grand on equipment in the hope that it
*may* be supported in a year or so.  It's got to work *NOW* to be

And, as I recall, back then, ATI was still all closed source with a hope
that it may become more open, but not yet.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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