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Re: 1-second kernel

>> Five seconds is probably ambitious, but I still like how my old Amiga
>> would COLD BOOT in 13 seconds, warm boot was 11 seconds.  That's from
>> off, to fully working system.

> also, think about how much memory you had and was it 8 bit. hard drives?

No, not 8 bits.  ;-)  But there was an efficiency about it that isn't
around these days:  You didn't make something multi-megabyte unless you
had to.  You don't run a server unless you have to (right now, or at
all).  Such as print servers if you don't need them, nor until you
actually go to print.  And you don't do things by running them through a
server if making it a client/server model is over complicating things.

It's interesting that firing up an application (web browser, word
processor, whatever), takes about the same amount of time then as now.
So it does make one wonder about why booting should be significantly
longer, in general.

In all seriousness, I don't need to wait for CUPS to start before the
system can carry on booting.  I don't even need to wait for it before I
log in.  Not me, nor does the computer need to hold anything else up
waiting while *that* gets ready.  Nothing should get delayed while it
fires up (completely) in the background.  Of course there are *some*
services which do need to be waited for, but not all of them.

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