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Re: Auto-run a DVD

> > So how can I tell this thing to automatically crank up gnome-mplayer when I
> > insert a video dvd?

> Try: System->Preferences->Personal->File Management

That definitely looks like the correct screen.  However, when I go to the Media
tab I have the following list:

CD Audio * Ask what to do
DVD Video * No applications found
Music Player * No applications found
Photos * Ask what to do
Software * Open Autorun Prompt

"Ask what to do" and "Open Autorum Prompt" both have an arrow beside the field
so I can select other actions (including an "Open with Other Application"
option) but the "No applications found" fields are greyed out and I can't click
or make any selection there.

So.... how can activate those fields so I can select an action?

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