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Re: Hidden download performance problem with Fedora 6-10

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008 08:09:27 -0800
Chuck <ctleis gmail com> wrote:

> Sorry to bother you with this, but my reply to you on the fedora-list 
> was rejected by the list moderator.  Probably too long.  Or else I
> don't know how to reply correctly...(I get the Digest version.)

Yeah, I think there is a size limit... 

> So I am sending the output you requested directly to you in the 
> attachment. It is huge. 
> Perhaps you can make something of it.  
> Thanks for any help

I hope you don't mind me copying the list on this... 

I wonder if you are running into
"82573(V/L/E) TX Unit Hang Messages"

see: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/9180/eng/README.txt
look for "82573(V/L/E) TX Unit Hang Messages"

perhaps the debian kernel doesn't hit the power management issue with

Can you see if the test listed there shows you are affected?

> charlie


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