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is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

   I am a long time KDE user - in part for similar reasons to Linus - it
was configurable, flexible and let me set things up the way I wanted  -
easily and simply. It had a very nice configuration manager. Gnome by
contrast was rigid, inflexible and to configure it - the bits  it
allowed you to -  you needed in part to learn about its registry which
warned you that the registry editor may corrupt things in bad ways - use
at your risk. Gnome was undergoing rapid changes - metacity went through
a lot before it was stable .. kde all the while was pretty stable.

  That was the way things used to be. Now KDE is harder to configure,
not as flexible and is difficult if not impossible to set up the way I
like things (task manager showing 1 icon per console or per firefox, the
workspace chooser in the middle, the ability to click and save a session
etc etc).

  So what I am seeing is some of the KDE users I know are slowly giving
up and moving back to gnome - its the default windowing
manager/environment on fedora and ubuntu and seems more mature and
stable than KDE 4 - and since as far as configurability goes, KDE has
little advantage to offer at this time. Perhaps the next version, or the
one after that will bring back the advantages. Maybe by 4.2 or 4.3 or
4.4 or... 5.0 ..

 So seeking guidance from the path others are choosing:

  (1)  Are the fedora KDE users moving back to gnome ? ... is KDE dead
or alive ?

  (2) Are there fedora Gnome users moving to KDE ? It is after all very
similar in its function now ... and does not use spatial mode by default

  Be very interested in hearing what thoughts others are having.


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