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Re: Getting DHCP to work/f10 declines to start network

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, Anoop wrote:

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 11:48 PM, tom <tfreeman intel digichem net> wrote:

I'm giving f10 a try on a new disk, and therefor a fresh install.
I'm supposed to be picking up (and was with f8) the ip4 address
from a dnsmasq server via dhcp, but f10 is barfing. Well, not
entirely, as the IP6 style networking shows on ifconfig, but since
I don't want IP6 networking at this moment, that isn't exactly

Now since I dislike Network Manage on a desktop machine, and would
prefe to have the network come up during boot, what is the prefered
way to get rid of Netwreck Mangler (sp?), and bring the network
up the old fashioned way.
Disable 'NetworkManager' and enable 'network' service. You can do that
by running 'setup' on your shell. Then you can edit interface related
files in '/etc/sysconfig/networking/' to setup addresses. I am
suggesting this because, 'system-config-network' has some issues of

Ok. Yet another fresh install. Disabled "NetworkManager" and enabled "network". Going with dhcp, I get hung at boot "Determining IP information for eth0." Hard hung as big red switch time.

Things do seem to be willing to work if I set the IP address by hand, and not have dhclient try to do the job.

Is the dhcp system busted here? Or am I nuts?

I'd love to see pointers or suggestions on trouble shooting this
type issue also.

And now to go pester fiend Google and find out how little I
understand 8-/.

Thanks for the assistance.

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