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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?


2008/12/21 Mail Lists <lists sapience com>:
>   I am a long time KDE user - in part for similar reasons to Linus - it
> was configurable, flexible and let me set things up the way I wanted  -
> easily and simply. It had a very nice configuration manager. Gnome by
> contrast was rigid, inflexible and to configure it - the bits  it
> allowed you to -  you needed in part to learn about its registry which
> warned you that the registry editor may corrupt things in bad ways - use
> at your risk. Gnome was undergoing rapid changes - metacity went through
> a lot before it was stable .. kde all the while was pretty stable.

I have used the Gnome 2.* series for a couple of years, and I find
most of your bad points regarding it at least biased, others
completely false. However, that's a bit off-topic to this thread, so
I'd rather not discuss them here unnecessarily.

>  That was the way things used to be. Now KDE is harder to configure,
> not as flexible and is difficult if not impossible to set up the way I
> like things (task manager showing 1 icon per console or per firefox, the
> workspace chooser in the middle, the ability to click and save a session
> etc etc).

I haven't found KDE 4 any harder to configure than the KDE 3 series,
though I can find the things I want to configure a lot better than
before due to the cleaned-up and better organised configuration tool.

At least the taskbar is a lot more configurable in KDE 4.2 than in the
current KDE 4.1. I didn't understand the part about workspace chooser,

>  So what I am seeing is some of the KDE users I know are slowly giving
> up and moving back to gnome - its the default windowing
> manager/environment on fedora and ubuntu and seems more mature and
> stable than KDE 4 - and since as far as configurability goes, KDE has
> little advantage to offer at this time. Perhaps the next version, or the
> one after that will bring back the advantages. Maybe by 4.2 or 4.3 or
> 4.4 or... 5.0 ..

Gnome is nowadays (mostly) very stable and mature, and it works well
for millions of people. It is also easy to use and has sane default
settings which usually require little or even no tweaking. It's a
great choice for a default desktop environment.

However, I have lately found Gnome a bit dull and boring, and have
instead started using KDE 4, which is getting tons of new developments
and opening new possibilities. To top it off, it also looks very good.
(Subject for debate! :-)

>  So seeking guidance from the path others are choosing:
>  (1)  Are the fedora KDE users moving back to gnome ? ... is KDE dead
> or alive ?

I have never seen KDE more alive than today. I wondered the same
question a couple of years earlier, when KDE 3 seemed to progress
nowhere and KDE 4 was still mostly mockups and speculation.

>  (2) Are there fedora Gnome users moving to KDE ? It is after all very
> similar in its function now ... and does not use spatial mode by default
> (;-).

When I started using GNU/Linux, I used to hop between KDE, Gnome and
other alternatives a lot, eventually settling on Gnome because it just
felt a lot better designed and polished. Now that KDE 4 is making
great progress, however, I just had to check it out and start using
it, even with its current little problems.

I miss the spatial file manager from Gnome, but I can manage to do
what I want to, even without it :-)

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj gmail com

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