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nautilus VS samba

I apologize for YET ANOTHER question...

I've got some SAMBA shares on various systems around the house here. What
I'm primarily concerned with right now is the shares on my main linux box
(Centos 5).

I've got F10 installed on a laptop (eeepc 901, in case it matters, which I
doubt). it can access (via nautilus) all the various windows shares
EXCEPT those on said Centos box. 

I can access shares on that machine from my wife's windows box, and from
the old win98 I have in a vmware session. No problem.

But in nautilus on the fedora 10 box it just says:

	Unable to mount location
	Failed to retrieve share list from server.

Now this is weird: On that same laptop, as an ordinary user, I can open
a terminal and type in this command:

	smbclient // mypassword -U myusername 

and voila, I'm connected to my shared home dir on the Centos box.

I've been looking at samba troubleshooting guides, so far with no
progress.  But it seems to me that since smbclient appears to work fine
that it's not a samba problem.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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                     all ages, now and forevermore! Amen."
----------------------------- Jude 1:24,25 (niv) -----------------------------

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