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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 8:05 PM, Mail Lists <lists sapience com> wrote:
>   I am a long time KDE user - in part for similar reasons to Linus - it
> was configurable, flexible and let me set things up the way I wanted  -
> easily and simply. It had a very nice configuration manager. Gnome by
> contrast was rigid, inflexible and to configure it - the bits  it
> allowed you to -  you needed in part to learn about its registry which
> warned you that the registry editor may corrupt things in bad ways - use
> at your risk. Gnome was undergoing rapid changes - metacity went through
> a lot before it was stable .. kde all the while was pretty stable.
>  That was the way things used to be. Now KDE is harder to configure,
> not as flexible and is difficult if not impossible to set up the way I
> like things (task manager showing 1 icon per console or per firefox, the
> workspace chooser in the middle, the ability to click and save a session
> etc etc).
>  So what I am seeing is some of the KDE users I know are slowly giving
> up and moving back to gnome - its the default windowing
> manager/environment on fedora and ubuntu and seems more mature and
> stable than KDE 4 - and since as far as configurability goes, KDE has
> little advantage to offer at this time. Perhaps the next version, or the
> one after that will bring back the advantages. Maybe by 4.2 or 4.3 or
> 4.4 or... 5.0 ..
>  So seeking guidance from the path others are choosing:
>  (1)  Are the fedora KDE users moving back to gnome ? ... is KDE dead
> or alive ?
>  (2) Are there fedora Gnome users moving to KDE ? It is after all very
> similar in its function now ... and does not use spatial mode by default
> (;-).
>  Be very interested in hearing what thoughts others are having.
>  gene

I will give you my story how i switched from KDE to Gnome.
When i started with linux (the first fedora core versions) i used KDE.
At that time i found configuring KDE needlessly complex and
configuring Gnome was easier but way more limited. Nevertheless i kept
using KDE because it was simply the best for me at that time. And
that's probably because i was fresh from windows and KDE looks the
most like windows when your just switching and then you tend to go
with the environment that your already familiar with. However around
fedora 5 something changed in fedora that made me use gnome. Don't
know what it was. So i started swapping all the time between KDE and
Gnome. then the big differences started to come. compositing became
possible and gnome in combination with my hardware was just working.
kde wasn't. that's when i switched (with regret) to gnome. It doesn't
mean that i liked gnome better but it was simply the best at hand at
that time. Not long after that (or perhaps even before that) firefox
became the unofficial standard in linux distributions and i was (and
still am) a firefox fan and wanted to use it. Firefox looks ugly in
KDE but looks nice in Gnome so that was another reason for me to stick
with gnome.

Now at the present day i see things getting reversed. First gnome was
actively developed and kde was sticking at it's 3.x.x version with not
much noticeable changes that where worth the upgrade (not noticeable
for me) so gnome was just getting better. Now i see gnome lacking
behind kde because they come with new features (noticeable ones!) all
the time and there KDE 4.2 is really looking good. I tried both kde
4.0 and 4.1 but they where way to unstable to be used for my usage.
KDE 4.2 is looking way better from what i've seen but it still seems
to be way to buggy for me to use.

There is one huge issue in KDE. that's also it's biggest feature: QT.
QT seems to have issues with video cards making vesa even faster then
hardware accelerated. that is the case on both my notebook (intel gpu)
and my desktop (nvidia gpu) and weighs heavy in making KDE 4.2
unusable for me. Gnome on the other hand works fine and smooth. There
was a long time for me that i simply couldn't switch to KDE because
the available versions just didn't work out for me how i wanted it.
Now with KDE 4.2 close to getting out there finally is a DE where i
could switch to. Back to the one i came from but if that really is
gonna happen is gonna depend on how stable it works (taskbar resizing
finally works how it should be with the exception of the tray icons)

And about desktop environments for me in general. I like KDE the most
but there is NO desktop environment that provides what i want and
need. Perhaps it's gonna be made by someone someday. perhaps KDE is
gonna be that DE with version 4.5 or 5.0 or 10.0 ;)

Just my story how i switched to gnome.

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