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Re: Text rendering in FX3

Just out of curiosity, move ~/.mozilla somewhere else temporarily, then give it a shot. That'll get rid of all plugins/customized settings/etc. Start FF, and see what you get. I just upgraded FF to 3.0.5 and it still displays fine. I'm running Adblock Plus 1.x currently, and nothing else. Disabled noscript and firebug for the time being. When you're done, move the directoy back to restore all your settings/etc (remove the new one).


On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 7:06 PM, Marc Schwartz <marc_schwartz comcast net> wrote:
Marc Schwartz <marc_schwartz comcast net> writes:

> That's interesting. I am using the same FF version (3.0.4) on F10, albeit
> 32 bit and no matter what I do, I cannot get the page to display
> correctly. I have either disabled or uninstalled all add-ins to no
> effect.
> It's also not clear to me that any other preference settings are
> relevant.
> It renders fine on my wife's iMac in FF 3 and in Safari, which seems
> typical of other comments that I have seen in other fora regarding
> rendering on Linux specifically.
> Go figure.
> Marc

Apologies for replying to my own post here, but I have some follow up
information that should be helpful.

Turns out there is an interaction with FF3 and Xorg as reported here:


and here:


Going back to the Computerworld.com home page problems that I observe,
here is an image of the page using FF *2*, which I DL'd from Mozilla and
ran locally:


You can see that the page looks just fine.

Here is the same page using FF 3.1 Beta 2, which I also DL'd from
Mozilla, just to be sure that the same behavior is still present. BTW,
this happens in 3.0.5, which was just released for F10 and is now the
default version on my system:


You can see the top of the page, where the left hand navigation column
is centered, pushing the other content below it. Here is a second
picture of the same page, scrolled down, so that you can see the
transition to the main content:


Based upon the above bug reports, it looks like the problem is going to
be around for a while...


Marc Schwartz

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