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Re: F10 HD install - anyone successfully done this?

Great posts by Tom Horsley and Mike Cloaked
re installing from iso files on hard disk.

My main question is how did Tom, Mike know that
the Anaconda options

can/should be added to the kernel line in grub.conf?

additional question re the stage2=  option  , quoting from the anaconda options:

Specifies a path to a install.img file instead of to an installation source. Otherwise, follows the same syntax as repo=. If this parameter is provided, it takes precedence over all other methods of finding the install.img. Otherwise, anaconda will attempt to find the install.img first on any existing CD, and then from the location given by repo=/method=.

If only stage2= is given without repo=/method=, anaconda will....

Question:  what is meant by "repo=/method=" ???
it is used twice so not likely a typo
Perhaps some programming jargon(python?) ?

Thanks for advice

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