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Re: changing 'hosts' to get my machine name ?

William Case wrote:

This is an old stupid question but I am stuck nonetheless.  I have
googled for several different ways but none work.

I have changed my /etc/hosts file to: 	CASE localhost.localdomain localhost

This is the same as from my F9 /etc backup.

CASE is the name of my machine.  None of my programs seems to recognize
it except 'hostname' -s or -f.  The same problem with
localhost.localdomain.  I have changed it manually before in earlier
Fedora versions but now nothing seems to work.  If I remember correctly
there where two files that needed changing.

I just installed F10 and must have missed Anaconda asking for my machine

Your hostname is set in /etc/sysconfig/network. /etc/hosts is only for name resolution, although you should prbably set your hostname there as well. You should use lower case for the hostname, some apps don't grok mixed or upper case.

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