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Re: flash-plugin installed and not available

On Mon, 22 Dec 2008, William Case wrote:

I am not getting any sound with my flash plugin.

When I follow the advice from:

I get the following message from yum:
Package flash-plugin- installed and not available

It means you didn't set up the adobe yum repository as instructed in the previous stage, but as you do have the flash-plugin that won't be the cause of your problems. But I would recommend that you start again with that advice and make sure you haven't omitted anything else.

If you have libflashsupport installed then remove it, eg.
rpm -e libflashsupport
because that was for flash 9 it can potentially interfere with flash 10

Of course it might not be a flash problem at all. I suggest you check your sound is functioning correctly by going to system -> preferences -> hardware -> sound and make sure it is set up sensibly and the tests all work.

	Michael Young

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