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Re: awesfx missing - can't load soundfonts

On Monday 22 December 2008, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>On Mon, 22 Dec 2008 09:56:19 +0100, Paul wrote:
>> I can't find the awesfx package for Fedora 10, and nothing in the Fedora
>> or RPMFusion repositories provides the file "*/asfxload" or "*/sfxload"
>> These executables are REQUIRED for loading samples into an EMU10k
>> soundcard's wavetable synth, and hence are required for hardware MIDI
>> support.
>> Where did this package go? If I remember, Fedora 8 had it for instance.
>> I've tried building it myself to no avail.
>> Does anyone know where I can find an x86_64 awesfx package for Fedora 10?
>It's marked "dead.package". See:
That is bs Michael.  There are a kajillion of those cards in the field. I have 
an Audigy2 value myself, and have no intention of going back to a 16 bit card 
with no headroom.

>I no longer have any SB AWE/EMU10k cards, so I don't know what is used
>to load soundfonts to them nowadays.

That is the tool used to do that, the only one AFAIK.  And in F8, on an amd 
phenom running 32 bit, it still works great as a soundfont loader even if 
midi doesn't.  I thought that 32 bit stuff would run on 64 bit even if the os 
was 64 bit?

So whats the deal?  Why is this code being thrown away when there apparently 
is no replacement?  This card was for sale at Circuit City as little as 3 
years ago, and its a GREAT card.

This has the same sour flavoring to it as the intentional video API changes 
that broke the nvidia binaries a year ago.  You I think, hoped to force 
nvidia to open up their code in order to get the market back.  Tain't 
happened, and likely never will cuz they don't write their own code in the 
first place. In the end, all you have done is crippled the machines of the 
people who refuse to put up with Bills BS OS.

Everybody said AMD was telling you how to write drivers for their cards now, 
but it hasn't happened, there are no fully functioning drivers yet for the 
utility grade video card sold by the millions as the HD2400-Pro.  Radeonhd 
can't even do a stable screen, occasionally going totally blanking barzackers 
if an image goes even one pixel beyond the edge of the screen, full screening 
an app such as yumex will trigger it occasionally.  I have asked on this 
list, and on the xorg list, what AMD/ATI card I should buy that actually 
works, and the only suggestion was for a card that was both several hundred 
dollars when it was being sold, and out of stock in the supply chains 2+ 
years already so there was zero chance I could actually obtain one.

I have, in the last year, spent about a kilobuck on hardware, now an AMD 4 
core phenom & 4Gb of dram with a new pci-e video card, new hard drives & a 
modern 1680x1050 lcd monitor, and while I have a faster machine, it cannot do 
2/3rds of the stuff I COULD do on an old AMD XP2800 with 1Gb of dram, running 
fedora 2.  Here is a partial list.

Then I could watch tv from my pcHDTV-3000 card, now I can't, ntsc or atsc.  

Then I could play a midi file just by clicking on it, now the system doesn't 
know what to do with a .mid file.

Then .wmv's used to play from web links, and now I have to download the file 
if I can get FF to download it, then feed it to vlc by hand.

The side effects of pulseaudio, even if disabled, have ruined the audio 
experience for a linux user.

I can't add another printer to cups, operation not permitted, so I can't use a 
22ppm laser printer, and no one can tell me where that error message even 
comes from, etc etc.

The only thing I _can do now_ that I couldn't before is, using the latest 
wine, is run googles's Sketchup, which was the driving force behind my 
investing in newer hardware that might well outlive me.  Everything else has 
been 1 step forward, but 2 or 3 backwards as the machines abilities are ever 
more crippled.

This is not progress, and this camper isn't happy hearing that yet another 
great piece of hardware is being tossed in the recycle bin, 5 years or more 
before normal attrition would put it there.

Whatever it is that the developers are smoking that makes them feel this is a 
good deal, I don't want to even be in the same room with. It may smell and 
taste great, but its obviously not the Right Stuff.

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
Love means having to say you're sorry every five minutes.

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