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Re: Unable to login after latest FC10 updates (i386 on Dell GX270)

I've got similar problem. Last week I tried to upgrade my FC8 to FC10 using PreUpgrade, everything went fine, but after reboot I could not login into Gnome. After clicking on my username and typing my password I was not logged in but returned to the login screen, instead. The solution was not to click on the username, but write the username and then the password and then I was able to log in. But after random time the Gnome session broke, keyboard stopped working, menus stopped working etc. But applications were still running.

Then I installed the whole new FC10 from the latest DVD image, this time I installed KDE4. Everything went find until the update. After doing yum update and rebooting I wasn't able to login. The KDM login screen was broken, instead of password, there is _assword etc. After another reboot I was suddenly able to log in, but nothing was working, instead of windows I saw only white rectangles.

So I decided to reinstall the FC10 again, this time using the DVD iso and network connection, so I wanted to install the latest version. But this time even the screen that appears after the installation and reboot (the screen, where you type the root password, username ...) was not working, again only white page with some rubbish letters.

My laptop is Dell D600.

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