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On 2008-12-21 18:16:35, Ian Pilcher <arequipeno gmail com> wrote:

> Mail Lists wrote:
>>  (1)  Are the fedora KDE users moving back to gnome ? ... is KDE
>> dead or alive ?

> I'm strongly considering it.  Almost all of the applications that
> I use regularly are GTK-based anyway, and Red Hat and Fedora have
> always been more focused on GNOME than KDE, so it's hard to see
> any reason to continue with KDE now that the things that I like
> about it have been sacrificed on the altar of the KDE developers'
> grand vision.

I have used KDE 3.x for many years and appreciated it for its features,
its stability, its extremely-good configurability, and its many 
"techie" features which prefer.

KDE 4.1 so far has lost many of the features and much of the 
configurability of the 3.x releases, and I'm waiting to see whether 4.2
restores enough of them to make it a viable desktop.

I use my computer to (a) develop code and systems, (b) manage multiple 
machines and networks, (c) experiment with clustering and parallel 
processing.  So no matter how beautiful it is, if KDE4.x continues to 
lack the features I actually _need_ on a daily basis, I'll probably 
switch desktops - either back to Gnome or to another wm.

I don't like (and won't participate in) flame wars, but I have to say 
that while some things are better in KDE 4.1 than under KDE3.x, 
for my purposes the missing features far outweigh the improvements.

As someone said, perhaps by 4.2, 4.3, etc., things will improve - but 
since I have to use the machine _now_, those are not currently options 
for me.

william w. austin                               waustin speakeasy net
"life is just another phase i'm going through. this time, anyway ..."

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