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Re: Text rendering in FX3

"Marcelo Magno T. Sales" <mmtsales gmail com> writes:


> Ok, Marc, I'll study more carefully those bug reports. Maybe xorg 
> problems have impact on other things besides transparent images. Thanks 
> very much for the info.


I might end up owing you an apology on this, but my premise for
believing that the bugs are relevant is that if the images are not
scaled and rendered correctly and if they are in a relative or absolute
position and sizes based upon a table structure and/or a CSS spec, then
they could feasibly result in the page layout being shifted around and
screwed up. This could include entire sections of a page, as is the case
with CW, or with smaller images such as buttons and such, where the
impact is more subtle.

Two pieces of information that might defer us from those bugs is that the
proposed workarounds for them, which include:

1. Setting "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" to "True" in xorg.conf does not help.

2. Using 'MOZ_DISABLE_IMAGE_OPTIMIZE=1 firefox' from the CLI does not

I have filed a bug report using the Computerworld home page as a


I guess we will see what they come back with on this.

Note that as per Tim's reply, I did try to disable JS in FF3 and
reloaded the CW page. It did seem to result in the page at least being
structured properly, though there were other problems as a result. 

So I am not convinced that JS alone is the culprit and that there is
something in the page layout as a result of the JS code that FF3,
specifically on Linux, with some particular combination of X server,
xorg.conf, Cairo and Pango does not work properly. There are just too
many posts on various fora on differing distributions, which all seem to
come back to something in the page rendering in FF3 changing.

It is possible, as noted in some of the posts, that whatever has changed
in FF3 is now revealing a heretofore unknown bug in X on Linux or some
interaction with the aforementioned components and specs. That may be
why the behavior is inconsistent, along with perhaps screen resolution
and dpi settings.

The original bug reports suggested that these problems were limited to
nVidia based systems, but there are sufficient posts by folks with ATI
cards, that this does not appear to be GPU specific.

None of this occurs on my wife's iMac using the same version of FF for
any of these pages and as noted, it does not occur with FF2 or even
Seamonkey on my machine, all else being the same. As you and others have
noted, this does not happen on Windows either, further reinforcing this
issue being unique to Linux based systems.

BTW, on your referenced page, if I do remove the minimum font size
setting in Preferences, it does help a bit, but there are still some
things that do no display properly. Altering the font sizing on the CW
page had no effect for me.

With the pending holidays, I don't know how quickly the Mozilla bug will
solicit a reply, but I'll stay tuned to see how it plays out.



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