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Looking for in-box supported, bootable RAID-5 SATA controller for FC9... any recos?

I went out and bought a Promise FastTrak TX4650 believing that it was, indeed, "in-box supported" in FC9.

It's not. You have to build the drivers for your kernel, and that's after searching on several blogs for driver updates (the factory drivers are 2.6.23)

So I'm looking for a PCI (not PCI-X... my motherboard won't physically fit one) or PCI-e 1x or PCI-e 16x card that supports RAID 5, has in kernel drivers in FC9, is SATA, and that I can boot off (well, booting would be nice to have... but not vital).

Either something that is purely hardware RAID, or has partial hardware acceleration for "md". (The motherboard, an ASUS M3A78-CM, has a 6-channel SATA controller, but no RAID 5 functionality).

This is for a build server for our Open Source project.

Any recommendations?

Oh, and I have a max budget of about $300 USD.  Yes, I'm a cheap bastard.



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