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Re: Sound problems with SELinux ?

Hi Daniel;

On Mon, 2008-12-22 at 14:36 -0500, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
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> William Case wrote:
> > Hi;
> > 
> > This probably more of a frustration question than an eventually solving
> > it myself question.
> > 
> > I couldn't get any sound -- I originally thought it was an Adobe Flash
> > problem -- until I changed SELinux from enforcing to permissive.  How do
> > I make sound available to the user while still using SELinux enforcing?
> Check the /var/log/audit/audit.log file for AVC messages.

I couldn't see anything pertinent; but that doesn't mean much.  I have
never used the audit.log before.  I could be looking at something and
not seeing it.

> Is this F10?

Yes.  See under my signature.  I keep my program versions there for the
main mailing lists I belong to.

Regards Bill
Fedora 10, Gnome 2.24.2
Evo.2.24.2, Emacs 22.2.1

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