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Re: Updating and installing packages without an internet connection

suvayu ali wrote:
Hi all,

I am getting a new desktop probably today, and is going to install F10 on
it. However my problem is I don't have an internet connection at home. So is
there a way to apply updates? I did find some suggestions in the archives.
Most said to download all the updates onto some media and use rpm -Fvh
*.rpm. Even if I overlook the size of the downloads, this won't work if I
were to install new packages. How would dependency resolution work in that
case? Is there any way I can find that out beforehand and download all the
dependency pacakges as well?

The only machines with an internet connection I have access to, are at the
university. However since all of them run Ubuntu, doing an rpm query on the
new package is not feasible. Any suggestions?

You can make a local yum repo with the installation DVD ISO or maybe even the Fedora Spins to get the newer rpms:


John Brier

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