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Re: FC10 does not boot when HDD moved to another machine

Frank Millman wrote:
> I did a search for '*grub*' on my system. It found a few files. The
> following could be relevant -
> 1. /etc/sysconfig/grub
>     boot=/dev/sda
>     forcelba=0
> 2. /sbin/grub-install
>     I ran it, but it asked for an install_device. I prefer not to guess, so
> I did not try any further.
> For the record, 'ls /boot' looks like this -
> config-
> initrd-
> System.map-
> vmlinuz-
> If I type 'umount /boot', it says '/boot: not mounted'. Is that expected? As
> mentioned in my reply to Paulo, /etc/fstab has changed. It used to contain
> an entry for /boot, but now it does not. I am not sure when it changed, but
> I think it was when I selected Install/Upgrade on the second machine. I got
> a warning message and did not proceed, but a couple of things seem to have
> changed after that.
> It is quite possible that my messing around has left things in a state which
> makes it difficult to diagnose problems. If you would like me to re-install
> from scratch on the first machine and start the whole process again, I will
> try that. I think it is worth persevering with this exercise to prove a
> point. Hopefully others may find it of benefit as well.
OK - this makes things interesting. Grub know where to find the
/boot partition, but booting in the rescue mode does not find it.
(It uses /etc/fstab to mount your other partitions.) The reason you
have files in /boot is because they were written there when it was
not being used as a mount point. If you get the /boot partition
mounted on /boot, you will no longer see them.

I suspect that what you need to do is add the

UUID=b6c62c5a-0afb-4258-a726-6a377a6f3b9e  /boot ext3 defaults  1  2

line back into /etc/fstab, and then "mount /boot".

If that works, then you will want to unmount it again, and copy the
file that will be there to a temporary location, remount /boot, and
copy them back. After that, you should be able to move the drive to
the second machine, boot from the rescue disk, and have the full
/boot tree. You can then build the initrd and make the changes in
the Grub menu we talked about.


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