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Re: Looking for in-box supported, bootable RAID-5 SATA controller for FC9... any recos?

On Mon, 22 Dec 2008 11:15:42 -0800
"Philip A. Prindeville" <philipp_subx redfish-solutions com> wrote:

> I went out and bought a Promise FastTrak TX4650 believing that it
> was, indeed, "in-box supported" in FC9.
> It's not.  You have to build the drivers for your kernel, and that's 
> after searching on several blogs for driver updates (the factory
> drivers are 2.6.23)
> So I'm looking for a PCI (not PCI-X... my motherboard won't
> physically fit one) or PCI-e 1x or PCI-e 16x card that supports RAID
> 5, has in kernel drivers in FC9, is SATA, and that I can boot off
> (well, booting would be nice to have... but not vital).
> Either something that is purely hardware RAID, or has partial
> hardware acceleration for "md".  (The motherboard, an ASUS M3A78-CM,
> has a 6-channel SATA controller, but no RAID 5 functionality).
> This is for a build server for our Open Source project.
> Any recommendations?

Any particular reason for hardware raid? Why not use the already
included and well supported Linux software raid?

> Oh, and I have a max budget of about $300 USD.  Yes, I'm a cheap
> bastard.

This to my mind points even more to software raid. ;) 
You aren't going to find a good hardware raid card in that range I
don't think. 

> Thanks,
> -Philip


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