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Re: dbus preventing system-config-services from running

Kevin Kofler wrote:
stan wrote:
I installed all updates from updates and updates testing for Fedora 10
x86_64.  When I try to start the service
configuration from either the menu or the command line it fails.  I
remember seeing something about a dbus error but I
thought that was fixed.  Here is the error messages I get.

It was fixed, but the bug is preventing you from installing the fix. ;-(

Please open a terminal and run:
su -c "yum upgrade"

Thanks for the suggestion. I did this and it didn't work. Yum didn't find any upgrade for dbus at all. The only updgrades were for qpidc and qpidd, and their dependent i386 packages. Fortunately, chkconfig still works, so I'm using that as an alternative. Would a nodeps remove and reinstall to get the correct version of dbus be effective?

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