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RE: Fedora10 Wireless configuration

there you go again rick...

poking those poor cardss with your unauthorized 'naughty' bits!!!!

but on a serious tip to the user. get a cheap/low cost usb linksys wifi
dongle. not sure of the exact model number, but the one i have cost ~$30/40.
plugged it in to a fc8/9 system, and it was listed in the wireless list.
never looked back. no madwifi... no ndiswrapper... no windows drivers... it
simply worked/works...

i always keep a spare now!

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Tom Smith wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed Fedora 10 on my computer and I am attempting to set up a
> D-Link DWL-G520+ network card. When I use the "Network Configuration" tool
> and select "Add" then try to find the network card from the list under
> "Select Ethernet Adapter" I don't see my card or any wireless cards from
> D-Link. What should I choose?

Your card uses one of the Texas Instrument chipsets (a lot of D-Link's
cards do), specifically the ACX111 chip and TI doesn't have an open
source driver for it.  You're probably stuck using ndiswrapper and the
Windows driver (ugly, but it works).

TI has shown a distrust of the open source arena with most of their
chips.  I know that a number of their chipsets can be made to transmit
and receive on frequencies and at power levels not allowed for wireless
networking by the US Federal Communications Commission by hacking the
firmware or poking various bits in the registers of the card.

Pity.  They're generally nice units.
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