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Re: midi question

On Monday 22 December 2008, Russell Miller wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> What can I do to allow .mid files to be played again?
>Probably the answer you don't want, but the one I use is - set up
>timidity as an alsa client.  Then you can just play into the alsa ports
>and out comes music.
Humm, all I see in yumex is timidity++, which reads like a software only 
synthesizer.  I have it coming in now and will check it out, thanks.

>I've never used sound card midi, never really missed it either.

Its nice, does not use any cpu for emulation, it is all done on the audio card 
itself.  The one soundfont that coes with awesfx is a quite decent one, 
containing at least one voice for every instrument I ever heard of.  
Sometimes more as there are several piano selections and several organ 

Ok, got it, along with a .mid file that turned out to be a short sample only.  
Worked great, once, will not play the track again even if I restart it.  This 
versions gui seems to be the economy model, no visualization keyboard, no 
configure pulldown, just a file selector is the whole gui.  I recall a much 
fancier gui on timidity in years past.  I think I'll poke around and see if I 
can find the older version.  Thanks for the hint.


Cheers, Gene
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