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Re: F10 - something positive to say!

Mike Cloaked wrote:
Traditionally the forums are filled with grumbles about things that don't
work, and questions about how to work around some of those things that don't
work as they should.

However occasionally it is nice if someone says something positive about
Fedora and sends a thank you to the people who devote so much time to making
the new things happen at all and who then spend considerable time and effort
in fixing the inevitable problems that will always occur when you create new

Since F10 was released I have installed it on 4 systems with different
hardware. One acts as a dns and dhcp server, and the others are a desktop
and two laptops. All are running dovecot imap servers in a slightly
non-standard way. Although I did have some frustrating times working around
some issues mainly associated with SElinux due to some non-standard ways of
doing things, I now have 4 systems running the way I want them to within my
LAN, with no SElinux denials, and performing efficiently and seemingly
faster than the F8 systems they replaced. These are now being used by family
members who have had smiles on their faces when using the new systems.

There are some new things yet to enthrall us like KDE4.2 before too long,
and Thunderbird 3 on the way and I would like to thank all the developers
and the testers who have brought Fedora to its current level. Fedora is
ahead of the opposition and cutting edge - and mostly it now works and works

I hope there are many silent Fedora users out there who would back me up on

Have a great Christmas and I hope that the New Year brings us even better
Fedora experiences.
Yes, I agree, that thanks should be given to hard working
developers around the world wo do a lot of great things for
the most part.  Many have day jobs and are volunteering their
work, with no pay, and for pure pleasure, which could be an
oxymoron, in some cases.

So many thanks are in order, for those who do quality work.

The grumbling, gripes, etc. should be there - after all - who's
gonna keep the pressure on them?  Ha.  I gotta laugh. Me thinks
we need the good, the bad, and the ugly... as I believe that is
nature's way and a balanced mix.

Without pressure, would progress be stagnant, slower or Faster?

Sometimes if one complains - the complainer would be so disgusted
and end up fix the da*n thing themselves and hopefully offer a fix to
the community - and in that case, it is a good thing?

Hmm... well, it's something to think about.

But nonetheless, have a good holiday!


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