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Re: F10 - something positive to say!


I don't see it like this - on this forum I have the impression that people ask how things work and express their frustrations - if there are - in a rather clear fashion. the purpose of the list is to find answers to questions - the shoulder taps like yours and this one are expressed by detailed error descriptions with the result that the software gets better. What else does a developer want?

I'm so totally new to Linux that I'm a "silent reader" on the list. If I'm stuck I go to the forum proper and get valuable answers either from other answers or from more experienced subscribers.

As a total newbie to Fedora and Linux (but a com user for over 20 years) I can only say that I was amazed when I started up Fedora 10 for the first time on my brandnew laptop. A lot of things worked out of the box and so much faster than under win xp (subjective evaluation). So I will stick around and use Fedora permanently. I'm just waiting for the adaptation of some professional software to Fedora 10 (the Planet CCRMA package) and then there will be no turning back.


On Dec 23, 2008, at 11:55 PM, fedora-list-request redhat com wrote:

Traditionally the forums are filled with grumbles about things that don't work, and questions about how to work around some of those things that don't
work as they should.

However occasionally it is nice if someone says something positive about Fedora and sends a thank you to the people who devote so much time to making the new things happen at all and who then spend considerable time and effort in fixing the inevitable problems that will always occur when you create new

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