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Re[2]: Unable to login after latest FC10 updates (i386 on Dell GX270)

Hello Janez,
Sunday, December 21, 2008, 1:00:27 PM, you wrote:
>> I have the same problem on an Dell Latitude D600 with an ati chipset.
>> There is no text or icons. i can click on the screen an things happen 
>> but there is no icons buttons or text just grey and white windows.
> One more thing i forgot to mention. I did an yum uprate yesterday and 
> with other things i also updated x server

My Latitude D810 was not affected by the original bug, but your report
means that I'll be applying no further undates until the GX270 is working

I opened the following bug for the GX270 X-related bug(s).

There are 2 iterations of Xorg.0.log files attached.  The first is
from the original problem.  That had some d-bus problems that were
solved by the latest PolicyKit update, but the underlying X-related
problems remained.

Hopefully Ajax can analyze/fix this one sometime soon.

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