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Re: Fedora 10 ctf-alt-F2

Jerry Feldman wrote:
> On 12/10/2008 01:34 PM, Don Levey wrote:
>> Jeff Spaleta wrote:
>>> In gnome, you can "switch user" from logout dialog once you are logged
>>> in, or from the switch user applet (which is active in the default
>>> desktop. it the applet showing your name)
>>> The switch user applet also gives you a pull down list of users who
>>> are currently logged in I think as well as letting you log in a new
>>> user into a new desktop session.
>>> When you "switch user" who is not yet logged in, gdm starts a new
>>> greeter and lets the additional user login. You can think switch back
>>> and forth between logged in users using the say switching mechanism.
>>> If you do multiple startx instances I'm not sure the user switching
>>> sees the multiple instances that way, startx might not run coordiated
>>> gdm's. I haven't personally tested that.
>>> -jef
>> I see - thanks.  I'm not running gnome, but KDE, so I don't think
>> that'll work.
>>  -Don
> I'm coming in a bit late on this, but the switch user feature has been
> around in KDE for quite a while. I used it when I used to run SuSE.
After further experimentation, I've found that:

1) From within KDE, selecting "switch user" brings me the older
version's verbiage regarding Ctrl-Alt-F7.  However, The end effect is
that this locks my session and gives me a password prompt.  There is no
opportunity to select a different user.

2) From within Gnome, I can indeed switch users via the "Logout" option.
 This does start a new X greeter, and I can login to a second session
using KDE.  The new session is at Ctrl-Alt-F7 and the old at
Ctrl-Alt-F1.  A third can be started, on *-*-F8.

This means that I must always have at least one Gnome session active,
and I must use that as my control session.  It also seems that there's a
"mixed metaphor" in that the first X session is F1 but the rest start at
F7.  Is there, perhaps, a plan to at least fix the KDE switch user


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