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Re: Fedora 10 ctf-alt-F2

On 12/23/2008 02:50 PM, Don Levey wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 9:53 AM, Don Levey <fedora-list the-leveys us> wrote:
This means that I must always have at least one Gnome session active,
and I must use that as my control session.  It also seems that there's a
"mixed metaphor" in that the first X session is F1 but the rest start at
Its only a mixed metaphor in that you are relying on keyboard
shortcuts which encode specific virtual terminals to specific key
mappings. This metaphor breaks down quickly once you start doing
anything dynamic. Have 3 or 4 fast user switching users log in and
logout in varying orders and even if the the X sessions were mapped to
high ttys they would not be in a consistent ordering as users bounce
on and off the system.  Its quite analogous to how me moved from fixed
block device naming to udev dynamic block device creation.

Don't be shocked if we move into a future where the 5 or 6 mingetty's
we start by default now are also started dynamically in the future and
are given the next available tty instead of being on tty2-tt6 from
boot up.


That makes sense, I guess - this part of the question was relatively
minor anyway.  What I'd really like is to find a way to do all this
without the Gnome session requirement.

I don't recall fro the thread, but what Display Manager are you using. Does it make a difference if you are running kdm or gdm?

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