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Re: GPU chips vs Video Cards

2008/12/23 Kam Leo <kam leo gmail com>
On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 2:54 AM, Dave Feustel <dfeustel mindspring com> wrote:
> Will the use of GPU chips eliminate the need for video cards
> and/or eliminate the security vulnerabilities that the video
> cards introduce into operating systems?
> Thanks.

No. Similar to what is already on the market. You have integrated
video on many motherboards but still have a market for high
performance (gamers, etc.) video.

I just bought a Radeon HD 4870 yesterday. Now until the day an integrated chip can match that, as Leo says, a market for high end graphics solutions will always exist.

However I don't understand what you mean by security vulnerabilities introduced by discrete video cards. Could you elaborate on that a little more?


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