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Re: Intel i7

Louis E Garcia II wrote:
> I'm looking at the Dell XPS Studio with the new intel i7 chip. Anyone
> have experience with this new chipset with fedora?

Not personally, but I know a lot of people (including Linus, and the
major server manufacturers) have been running Linux on this processor
for quite a while.

Incidentally, the i7 is a processor¹, not a chipset². The chipset in
this computer is the Intel X58 chipset, which is what practically
everyone will have been using.

As a general rule, you’re much more likely to have problems with
chipsets than processors: new chipsets usually need new drivers (which
may be buggy or not exist), whereas processors are normally expected to
be 100% backwards-compatible with their predecessors. In this case, you
should be fine, since Intel is pretty good these days at ensuring Linux
just works on most of their hardware, Linux is a target market for the
hardware, and the chipsets just aren’t doing anything particularly new
that needs software support.

And there again, you’re much more likely to have problems with dodgy
BIOSes that are only tested with Windows than with chipsets. For that,
you really need to check with someone who’s got a recent Dell.

You may want to ask again, specifically mentioning the graphics chip
you’re planning on getting. It looks like you have a choice of the ATI
Radeon HD 3450 or the 4850. man radeon on F10 mentions the 3450, but not
the 4850.

Hope this helps,


¹ Something that actually does the calculations.
² Something that helps drive data around the computer, and (usually) has
  a bunch of other integrated functions.

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