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Re: backup of my / filesystem

Mike Chambers-7 wrote:
> So your script backsup what is in the list= line?

By the way I should have mentioned that this presumes that you have set up
ssh between the machines for root using ssh keys so that no passwords are
needed.  It also presumes you are allowing root ssh login on the machine
that you connect to that takes the backups.  Note also that the -X flag on
the rsync command will copy across the security contexts of files and
directories - if you are not running SElinux enabled then that flag is not

Not also that it is set up to remove files on the backup area where they no
longer exist in the machine being backed up.

Additionally it is worth mentioning that first time round this takes a while
as all files have to be copied, but in the future only files that have
changed get copied across - hence this is a very quick incremental backup
and the receiving disk has essentially an exact match to the directories
being backed up.  If you have two backup disks then you can alternate them
for each successive backup so that if there were some problem during the
backup process you would still have to previous copy.

This system also means that recovering files or directories and their
contents is very easy by simply doing a reverse rsync to copy back files
that you want - and it is also very simple to find files on the backup area
using the "find" command. 

Having this script located on the sbin area of each machine where you want
to run a backup is easy to do and each machine can be configured separately
by altering the script. I can usually run a backup from around 5 machines in
about a quarter of an hour once the system is set up.
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