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Applications tab in KDE


I was successful to install KDE on F10 and to use this wonderfull environment.
However, i tried to install PostgreSQL from official Add/Remove Software application (server + client) but after clicking on Apply, F10 downloaded some packages and nothing more was done.
i was looking for if F10 installed those packages as normally a /var/lib/pgsql/postgresql.conf file has to be created but nothing as such and nothing also somewhere else (i tried find / -name 'postgresql.conf' as root.

1. how is it possible ? the packages are not installed automatically ?
2. how can i checked if such package is correctly installed ?

after that, i decided to download it by myself in tmp folder and i installed it.
first of all, this bin file installs by default under /opt/postgresql/8.3/ ...

but my main issue is the following. after installation F10 has created a tab/folder (PostgreSQL 8.3), under Application menu.

3. how can i create my own tab/folder for hosting programs ?
4. how can i move the postgreSQL 8.3 program files/folder/tab from application menu to my new tab/folder from point 3 ?

thanks a lot,

Windows XP x64 SP2
PostgreSQL 8.3.5 / MS SQL server 2005
Apache 2.2.10
PHP 5.2.6
C# 2005-2008

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