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F8->F10: A couple of quirks after preupgrade

Actually, preupgrade ran fine it was after the reboot that the
problems started. First, I have no idea what happened to my video but
anaconda must have gotten something wrong because all I saw was green
vertical lines spaced all the way across the screen (Vizio 32" LCD),
however, I remembered from two other machines that it basically does
it's thing and reboots when it's done so that's what I let it do.

Apparently there are some Gnome and KDE i386 packages that are no
longer needed on X86_64 systems because my first 'yum update' had
failed dependency checks because of this. I expected to have issues
with any 3rd party repo stuff but not Fedora installed packages.
Should anaconda or yum (--obsoletes maybe?) be smart enough to handle
this situation?

Another quirk, switchdesk no longer appears to work. This was my
MythTV system which is barely capable of running HD so I have been
using fluxbox but after the upgrade gnome loaded and even after
explicitly running 'switchdesk fluxbox" which reports success, gnome
still loads.

Lastly, switchdesk does not seem to support LXDE. Am I wrong in
assuming that switchdesk should support all the official Fedora DE's?
I like using switchdesk because it seems there 1000 ways to make your
DE run and I want to do in the "best practice" way.


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