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Re: Need advice on music management software

David Timms wrote:
> Konstantin Svist wrote:
>> center/HTPC). Problem is, I'd like to merge the duplicate files (and
> I'd suggest file management tool fslint (gui) or fdupes (command line)
> for this part of the process. Both can be given a start storage path,
> and then recurse through all sub folders looking for 100% duplicate
> files by content (without reference to filename). This wouldn't find
> identical music whose files are different because of different tags,
> compression, or file format.
> Can't help you with the other parts of your grand plan ;-)
> DaveT.

I'm pretty sure I've heard of software that can compare music files on a
more fundamental level and tell me if I have duplicates in different
formats. I know for sure there's a graphics comparison program that does
this with images - I've used it once or twice :)

Either way, that's a neat functionality but not really what I'm looking
for. At this point the collection is not so huge that I can't deal with
duplicates manually. The problem right now is that I keep several
collections in one (because sync functionality is very important):


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