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Re: F9: Vnc's desktop window prevents right-side toolbar access

David Timms wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
I noticed while doing a remote Vnc session that my Vnc
desktop is showing the right-side scrollbar covering my
right-side pop-out toolbar - thus preventing any access
to it.

Tried this in various window sizes and all performs the
same way.
Did you tell the vncserver to use a specific width x height ? {make it about 40 pixels shorter and 24 pixels narrower than the display you will run your vnc client on.

Even if it doesn't fit, can't you just scroll the vnc window down and right so that you can then trigger the toolbar ?


Yes, I tried that.  The problem seems to be that the right-scrollbar
isn't placed correctly to allow for the main window's right side to
expose the full width of the actual window - seems to overlap
just enough to prevent access to the hidden pop-out toolbar.


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